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180 High School Road

Reidsville, North Carolina 27320

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Principal:  Cecil Kemp

Assistant Principals:  Lori Beth Davis and Melissa Winant

Atheltic Director:  Courtney Paschal

Attention Fall Athletes and Parents: 


If you are having on campus workouts please make sure your kids KNOW the following information.


1. Patty will be at the bus circle to check temperatures. NO CHILD SHOULD JUST BE DROPPED OFF!! They should drive up to Patty, remain in their car, have their temperature taken, give Patty the COVID19 questionnaire on day 1 and be wearing a mask.  Any child who does not follow these directions will be asked to leave campus and will not be allowed to work out until they are in compliance.


2. Athletes MUST BRING their own water bottle with their name on it. Any child who does not provide their own water bottle will not be allowed to participate due to the dangers of heat illnesses and hydration issues. 


3. Once workouts are complete athletes must re-mask and leave campus immediately so necessary cleaning can be done and the next group can enter safely.


4. If an athlete has a temperature of 100 degrees they will not be permitted to participate.  They must leave campus and cannot return until they have seen their primary care physician and been cleared using the NCHSAA form which will be provided to them when they have a failed temperature.

Attention Drivers Ed Students:


There will be an online driver ed class starting Monday July 1st  and lasting Through Friday July 10th.  If you are interested in this class please go to Canvas  and register.  This class will be limited to the oldest 40 students. Thank you and have a great day! 

Attention rising juniors and seniors- If you are planning to take RCC classes in the fall be sure to meet or email Ms. Caple or Mrs. Lester at RCC- If you do not do this you are not registered for the class.  High school counselors can not register for RCC classes or assure you a spot.  This does not apply for students planning on taking classes in the Spring.

Yesterday, our Nursing Fundamentals  Students were able to complete the last of their hours of their clinical experience at RCC. It is all up to the students now to complete their tests to become Nurse Aide I certified.

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