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Curriculum & Academics

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Below are quick links to various information about the curriculum programs and academics offered. Click on any link to view content. Some links will take you to the Rockingham County Schools website for general district information. 

Curricula Overview:


The curriculum followed is determined by the State of North Carolina in our Standard Course of Study -

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Driver's Ed

Driver's Ed

Information on Driver's Ed

Core Curriculum & Standards

Core Curriculum & Standards

Information about core curriculum and NC standards

Media Center

Media Center

Services and Info

Career and Tech Ed

Career and Tech Ed

List of Courses



English Courses

EC Department

EC Department

Services & Programs

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

List of Courses

Foreign Language

Foreign Language

Course Listings



List of Courses



List of Courses

Social Studies

Social Studies

List of Courses

Physical Education

Physical Education

List of Courses



Program Info & Courses



Other Course Options

Support Services

Support Services

Offering extra support

High School Resources

High School Resources

Capstone, Virtual Academy and more

Overdrive eBook Library

Overdrive eBook Library

Browse over 5700 titles

RCS Pacing Guides

RCS Pacing Guides

View several RCS Pacing Guides

Discovery Education

Discovery Education

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Driving Lesson

Driver's Ed

Find information on requirements and state license procedures by visiting the RCS Driver's Ed page. To schedule your class or for information about the class, see additional information below.  Contact Adrian Doss at with questions.

Career & Technical Education

Hands on experience for 21st century jobs.

Listed below are the Career and Technical Education instructors and the CTE courses offered at RCHS by department.  

Rockingham County High School's Career and Technical Education Department offers a wide selection of courses that allow students the opportunity to investigate a wide variety of work ready courses.  Currently students in the Common Core Course of study are encouraged to complete a pathway of four related courses with one being a second level course. The second level course is called the completer course.  Students that complete a pathway with a completer course leave high school with skills that enable them to enter into the work force. Rockingham County's Career and Technical Education programs consistently score well above the state goal for students mastering the objectives of the courses. 



New Agriculture Science Website


Business Courses

Instructors:  Timmy Buck and Facio Visaya

  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing I and II

  • MicroSoft Word

  • Adobe Design

  • Principles of Business

  • Career Management


Allied Health Science Courses

Instructor:  Jessica Belcher

  • Health Sciences I and II

  • Nursing Fundamentals

  • Health Team Relations



Family and Consumer Sciences Courses

Instructors:   Gwenn Lance and Ashley Clower

  • Apparel and Textile Development I and II

  • Foods I:  Fundamentals

  • Foods II:  Advanced

  • Interior Design I and II

  • Personal Finance


Automotive Technology Courses

Instructor:  Derick Shelton

  • Intro to Automotives

  • Auto I

  • Auto II


Agri Science/Horticulture Courses

Instructors: Taylor Apple and  Rosalina Webster

  • Agri Science Applications

  • Animal Science I and II

  • Ag. Mechanics I and II

  • Hort I and II



Technical Drafting Courses

Instructor:  Whitney Carter

  • -Intro to Design

  • -Drafting One

  • -Drafting Two Architectural Honors

  • -Drafting Three Architectural Honors

Firefighting and Public Safety 

Instructor: Kelly Barrow and Josh Evans

  • Public Safety

  • Fire I, II, and III

In the Classroom

English Department

Laying the ground work for a bright future


Rockingham County High School's English Department leads the way for students to learn to express themselves through reading, written expression, research, and class presentations. Students are required to complete four units of English to graduate. Listed below are the department staff and English classes offered at RCHS.

Instructors:   Angela Wilson, Laurel Clark, Judith Williams, Emily Duckett, Sandra Crouse, and Matthew Longbrake

English Department Courses

  • English I CP

  • English I Honors

  • English II CP

  • English II Honors

  • English III CP

  • English III Honors

  • AP English Language and Composition

  • English IV CP

  • English IV Honors

  • AP English Literature and Composition


Media Center

Media Specialist: Erin Hughes (

The RCHS Media Center isn't just a place to find books; it's also a place to get creative, to study, to take a brain-break, to do research, to get chromebooks repaired, and to find fun stuff to read. Please check out the library website by clicking the button below, and come visit us in the RCHS Library! 

Career and Tecnhical
Driver's Ed
Media Center

Exceptional Children

Helping to build a bright future for all


Rockingham County High School's mission statement sets the way for our Exceptional Education Department. These dedicated teachers insure that every student has equal opportunities to learn in any course of study they choose. The Exceptional Education Department services many students at Rockingham County High School through courses such as Academic Skills, Occupational classes, and inclussion academic classes.  Listed below is the Exceptional Education staff and their assistants.

Department Chairperson  

Sarah Amick


Exceptional Education Instructors

Sarah Amick, Lisa Fulton, Rachel Goots, Josh Hardin and Lisa Breedlove, Walter Moore (EL)


Exceptional Education Assistants

Darlene Allen,  Stephanie Rash and Erin Weston


Speech Pathologist

Renee Shropshire MA, CCC-SLP

Exceptional Children
Arts & Crafts

Fine Arts Department

Bringing out our hidden talents


Rockingham County High School offers courses in the Fine Arts Department that give our students the chance to show off their talents.  Students have many opportunities during the school year to entertain audiences with their vocal skills, musical talent, acting abilities and art work.  Listed below are the staff and and courses offered by this very talented department.

Fine Arts Department Courses



Instructor:  Maddie Barham

Drama Website

  • Theatre Arts I and II

  • Advanced Play Production

  • Technical Theatre

  • Proficient (Musical Theatre)



Instructor: Eli Wright      

  • Marching Band

  • Concert Band

  • Honors Wind Ensemble A and B

  • Jazz Band

  • Music Theory

Chorus and Piano

Instructor:  Marlo Nall

  • Piano Lab

  • Advanced Piano Lab

  • Chorus

  • Concert Choir

  • Women's Ensemble

  • Honors Music Vocal A and B



Instructors:  Nicole Tejeda

  • Art I, II, III, and IV

  • Honors Studies Art A and B

Fine Arts
Chalkboard with Different Languages

Foreign Language

Preparing for the global market


With the every changing world of work, it is becoming more and more important that students be able to speak languages that will open doors in other countries.  Our Foreign Language Department enable students to learn not only the languages of other countries but also their culture. Required for graduation in the College University Prep Course of Study, foreign language classes are taken by many of our students; not just students planning to attend a four year school.  Listed below are the instructors and foreign language courses taught at Rockingham County High School.

Instructors: Reyna Lopez and Diana Lopez Quintero


Foreign Language Department Courses

  • Spanish I and II

  • Spanish III Honors

  • Spanish IV Honors

Foreign Language


Not your grandfather's math


Rockingham County High School's Math Department is on the cutting edge of instruction.  With a staff that continues to find new ways to reach students, the department regularly meets or exceeds the scores established for their end of course tests.  The staff has dedicated themselves to giving long hours in order to give our students every opportunity to better themselves. Whether it is through after school tutorial sessions in the computer labs or teacher web sites, the math department maintains very high standards for their students.  Students are required to earn four credits in math for graduation and one unit must be Math I.

Listed below are the members of the math department and the math courses offered at RCHS.

Instructors:  Leslie Baker, Suzanne Russell, Heather Visaya, and Jodi Troxler.


Math Courses

  • Intro to Math Fundamentals

  • Math I

  • Math II

  • Math II Honors

  • Math III

  • Math III Honors

  • Math IV

  • Advanced Functions and Modeling

  • Discrete Math Honors

  • Pre-Calculus Honors

  • Advanced Placement Calculus Honors


Science Museum Space Exploration

Experimenting to unwrap the future



RCHS's Science Department does its best to keep our students up to date on the new technology and job opportunities that will face them in the coming years. Through experimentation and research, students learn to look beyond the obvious and find new and better ways to handle the ever changing world of science.  Students are required to take three sciences for graduation, a physical science and one course in biology, and an environmental course. Below are the instructors and science courses offered by the Science Department.

Instructors:   Adrian Doss, Crystal Bibee, Katie Longbrake, Jacob Harris, and Carolyn Rhoney


Science Courses

  • Physical Science

  • Biology

  • Earth Science

Other Science Courses are available at Rockingham Community  College.

Ancient Stone Sculpture

Social Studies

Building knowledge and citizenship


The Social Studies Department at Rockingham County High School works very hard to bring the past to the future and link modern events to those that happened years ago.  The department goes above and beyond to give our understanding of our government, our heritage, and the cultures of other nations.  Listed below is the staff and the courses offered by our Social Studies Department.

Instructors:  Mike Belter, Jason Turner, Colby Flinchum, Sam Mills and Mike Williams

Social Studies Courses

  • CP and Honors Civics

  • CP and Honors American History I and II

  • Advanced Placement U.S. History

  • CP and Honors World History

Social Studies
Boys During a Sports Practice

Physical Education

Building fit bodies and minds

The Physical Education Department at RCHS offers students a wide range of classes to help them develop good habits for a healthy lifestyle after high school.  Students are required to take one unit of Physical Education and Health as a prerequisite for graduation but many students take a unit of physical education each semester they are enrolled.  Listed below are the instructors and courses offered by the Physical Education Department.

Instructors:  Brad Baker, Jennifer Powell, Jesse Wall, and Mike Gebbia. 


Physical Education Courses

  • Health/Physical Education

  • Physical Development

  • Team Sports

  • Sports Science

  • Healthy Living

Physical Education


Building tomorrow's leaders today


Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps  (AFJROTC)


Developing citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.

THE RCHS AFJROTC program began in 1996 with two instructors and limited curriculum.  Since that time our program has three instructors and enrolls over 20% of the school’s population annually.  The program offers students a wide variety of courses including Organizational, Study, and Communication Skills, Aviation History, Global Studies, Management of the Corp, Drill and Ceremonies, Life Skills, Health and Wellness, and the Federal Aviation Administration Ground School. 


In addition AFJROTC has several clubs available for cadets: Drill Team, Awareness Presentation Team, Kitty Hawk Air Society; Model Rocketry and Land Navigation. 

AFJROTC Courses and instructors:

  • AFJROTC I:  Study Skills and Science of Flight, Leadership Education I, Health and Wellness; Instructors:  Col Henry Gaither

  • AFJROTC II:  Aviation History, Leadership Education II, Health and Wellness; Instructor:

  • AFJROTC III:  Global Studies, Leadership Education III, Health and Wellness; Instructors:  Col Henry Gaither

  • AFJROTC IV:  Management of the Corps, Unlocking Your Potential, Survival Skills, Life Skills, Leadership Education IV, Health and Wellness; Instructor:  

  • AFJROTC IV (Honors):  FAA Ground School, Advanced Drill and Ceremonies, Health and Wellness; Instructors:  Col Henry Gaither 

  • Leadership Lab I, II, and III:  The curriculum is developed by Colonel Henry Gaither and varies by year and is very limited in number. 


Each cadet is hand-selected by the AFJROTC instructors and must meet very high standards to be considered for the course. Contact RCHS AFJROTC for additional information. Instructor: Col Henry Gaither


Instructors:  Major Troy Alexander 

                      MSgt. Jon Salazar


Military Science Courses

  • JROTC I, II, III, and IV

  • JROTC Military Lab


Other Electives


Rockingham County High School offers electives in other areas that students may take during their tenure at our school. These mind and character building courses are open to all students. Students are required to complete an application for each of these courses.  Below are the instructors and the courses that they teach.


Erin Hughes:  Media and Library Specialist

Beth Knight:  Career Interns and Apprenticeships


History of the Bible

Instructor:  Christopher Atkins

Learning more about the past


These courses focus on the Jewish Nation's history, how the Bible came to be, key people and events, the life of Jesus, and the early church.  These courses are open to all students. Listed below are the courses and the instructor.


Bible Courses

  • Bible I

  • Bible II

Support Services

Filling a special need


Rockingham County High School's students have many professionals working everyday to make their lives easier.  RCHS's support staff is willing and able to do whatever is needed to insure that our students are getting everything they need to be successful.  Listed below are staff members and their title.

Erin Hughes: Media Specialist, Webmaster

Kristen Chandler: Media Assistant/Backup Testing Coordinator


Beth Knight:  Career Development Coordinator, Special Populations Coordinator,  Web Master, Fire Academy Coordinator, Building Level CTE Test Administrator


Guidance Department


RCHS Student Services Website


Tracey Anderson:  Guidance Counselor

Misty Attaway:  Guidance Counselor

Morgan Kallam:  Guidance Counselor 

Angela Tuttle:  Guidance Counselor 

Ky'Lexius Gwynn:  College Adviser    

Walter Moore:  English as a Second Language Specialist

Courtney Paschal:  Athletic Director 

Support Services

Overdrive eBook Library

Our digital library website:

  • Download the "Overdrive" APP from your APP store. 

  • Add the "Western Rockingham Middle" library to your library choices. 

  • Click on "e-read" format.

  • Enter your login information according

  • Choose "never" when it asks if you want the browser. 

  • Choose a book to download and read.

Login information for staff:

Username: (net id)

Password: (DOB) YearMonthDay

Ex: 19800115 

(Jan. 15, 1980)


Login information for students:

Username: (net id)

Password: (DOB) MonthDayYear

Ex: 01151980

(Jan. 15, 1980)

Overdrive eBook Library
RCS Pacing Guides
Discovery Education
Earth and Space

Discovery Education

Click on the link below to visit Discovery Education. 

Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small, rural and suburban and everything in between.


Accelerate student achievement in your district by capturing the minds and imaginations of students with the fascination of Discovery, tapping into students' natural curiosity and desire to learn.


Discovery Education offers a portfolio of opportunities for districts to meet students where they want to learn in the digital age. With award-winning digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessment, virtual experiences with some of Discovery's greatest talent, classroom contests & challenges, professional development and more — Discovery is leading the way in transforming classrooms and inspiring learning.

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