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Parent and Student Resources

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Alert Now

Rockingham County Schools utilizes the Alert Now: Connect 5 Phone Notification Service.


​Your child’s school will be utilizing the Alert Now: Connect 5 service for: 

  • Back to School                       

  • Parent Conferences

  • Special Events

  • End of Grade Testing Dates    

  • Sports Cancellations               

  • Report Card Distribution                                                                                 

  • Make Up School Day Reminder

  • PTO/PTA/PTSO/Booster Clubs

  • Emergency Messages

  • Attendance / Absence Notification

The district will be utilizing the Alert Now:Connect 5 service for:

  • Weather Related Information                                 

  • Emergency Messages  

  • Other Important Information                                                                                                                            


To update your primary and emergency contact information, please call your child’s school.


To receive a replay of school and district messages sent to your phone, call 1-855-4-REPLAY or 1-855-473-7529.


Anyone who accidentally opted out of their RCS/school automated phone calls can easily opt back in. Call 855-502-7867 and select option 2. The call MUST be made from the opt-in phone number, which means schools cannot add a phone number for families.  We don't want you to miss any important messages!

Alert Now
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Teacher Web Pages

Below are a list of teacher web pages. If you don't see your teacher listed, they may not keep a web page.  Check with the teacher directly and ask them to email us their link if it is not listed below.


English Department

Math Department

Science Department

Social Studies Department


Business Education

Agricultural Science

Physical Education/Health Department

Fine Arts and Theatre

Student Services/Guidance


Media Center and Technology


Teacher Web Pages
In the Classroom

Frequently Requested Info

Below is a list of frequently requested info as well as link to helpful resources for both parents and students.


Transcript Requests 

In order to provide more efficient and secure service, effective March 24, 2016, all 3rd Party Requests for Student Records, education verifications, corporate verifications, or related student records MUST be made using our secure online request system.


The online request form can be found here.

Immunization Requirements

You can review state requirements by clicking here or visit our RCS Student Health page for additional details and information.

Work Permits

The work permit form may be printed from the NC Department of Labor website.  Follow these instructions to complete the process correctly:

  • Students should complete the first section of the form to provide information about themselves:  name, address, etc.

  • The employer completes the section about the job, business name and address, etc. and the employer signs the form.

  • The parent or guardian signs the form.

  • The student takes the form to either the Rockingham County Department of Social Services (in the Governmental Center in Wentworth) or to the Employment Security Commission office (across from Rockingham High School in Wentworth).

  • The student must provide proof of age (a photo id with birth date or a birth certificate) and the student must sign the form in the presence of the issuing officer.  Do not sign the form until the issuing officer at the agency directs you to do so!


College Entrance Exams

The SAT is given at McMichael High School each October and May. Students may also take the exam at nearby locations in Guilford County in November, December, January, March or June. The College Board website provides excellent information to help students prepare for the test, in addition to online registration.

Useful Links


College Preparation Links


Career Links


Miscellaneous Links


Registration materials

Parents that need to register a new student should follow the policy set forth by the school board.  Registration information may be found in the Guidance Department of the school they are registering their student.  Proof of residency and information from the student's previous school is needed to register. The process is greatly simplified if parents have this information when they come to register.  For more information contact Rockingham County High School's Guidance Department at 336 634-3226.


Student Health Center  Consent Forms

Health Centers are in place at each high school.  Students must have a completed consent form on file with the Health Center.  The centers are maintained by registered nurses and the services they provide are free to students.  Forms are given out at the beginning of the year but forms may also be obtained at anytime at the health center.


Drivers Eligibility Forms

Parents with a student going to the DMV to get a learner's permit will need a verification form from the SIMS operator at the school their student attends.  These forms can be obtained from Scott Isley at Rockingham County High School.


Athletic Participation Physical Forms

Each year our high school offers free physicals to all students planning to participate in a school sport.  RCHS students that get their physical from their family doctor or another provider need to pick up a physical form from Athletic Director Courtney Paschal.


Transcript Request Form

Transcript request forms may be picked up in the front office at RCHS or in the Guidance Department.  If your student is under the age of 18, a Permission for Release of School Information form must be completed and on file.  These forms allow the school to release information such as school records, test scores including but not limited to the SAT and PSAT.  It also allows the release of any records related to educational, personal, and career goals. 

Dress Code Regulations for Students grades 6-12

We ask our students to dress in an appropriate manner for school. Clean, neat, appropriate sized, comfortable clothing, which allows students to participate in all events of school without undue concern, will be most appropriate. Reasonable consideration will be made for those students who, because of sincerely held religious beliefs, cultural heritage, or medical reasons, request in writing to the school administrator a waiver of a particular guideline for dress or appearance. Decisions of this nature will be made by the school administrator.

• Clothing must be age appropriate, cannot be distracting, revealing, indecent, or vulgar. No short skirts or short shorts are allowed. Skirts and shorts must be mid-thigh.

• No headgear including but not limited to hats, caps, earmuffs, bandanas, hoods, sweatbands, or sunglasses will be worn inside of the school, unless prior approval has been obtained by administration.

• All tops must have a fitted arm opening. No spaghetti stringed tops are allowed. All tops must cover the waistband of the bottom garment. Upper garments must cover the midriff at all times.

• Leggings must be worn with a shirt no shorter than mid-thigh.

• Clothing will not be allowed which promotes alcoholic beverages, tobacco, the use of controlled substances, depicts violence, is of a sexual nature, is racially offensive, gang related, demeaning or degrading to a particular group or individual, or is disruptive in nature.

• Clothing is not to be sheer or of mesh material as to the reveal the body or undergarments.

• Any accessories or attire that has the potential to be used as a weapon is prohibited.

• All pants must be worn and fitted at the waist.

• No rips or tears of any nature above the mid-thigh.

• Sleepwear is not permitted, unless prior approval has been obtained by administration.

• Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times. Flip flops in the elementary school should not be worn for safety purposes.

• Jewelry or body piercings that poses a health risk, safety risk or is disruptive to the learning environment is prohibited.

Photo Release

Your student's name and likeness may be used in publications and photographs-including local print and televised media to promote Rockingham County Schools unless your specifically request otherwise.

If you do not want your child's name or likeness to be used, please put your request in writing and send it to the Principal of your child's school.  A list of names is maintained in the office. Student photographs are also published on the school and system's websites; however no child will be identified by names unless written permission is obtained beforehand.  If you object to your child's photograph being published, please contact your school or the Director of Rockingham County School's Technology Department at 623-2633.

Frequent Requests
Volunteer Resources
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Parent Guides

Parents’ Guide to Student Success (listed below in English and Spanish) was developed in response to the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics that more than 40 states have adopted. 


Created by teachers, parents, education experts, and others from across the country, the standards provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career.   


The National PTA® created the guides for grades K-8 and two for grades 9-12 (one for English language arts/literacy and one for mathematics).

The Guide includes:

  • Key items that children should be learning in English language arts and mathematics in each grade, once the standards are fully implemented.

  • Activities that parents can do at home to support their child's learning.

  • Methods for helping parents build stronger relationships with their child's teacher. 

  • Tips for planning for college and career (high school only).


Parent Guides - English

High School English

This guide provides an overview of what your child will learn during high school in English.

High School Math

This guide provides an overview of what your child will learn during high school in mathematics.

Guía Para Padres Para Fomentar El Éxito Escolar

Inglés En La Escuela Preparatoria

Esta guía presenta un panorama general de lo que aprenderá su hijo en artes lingüísticas de inglés en la escuela preparatoria.

Matemática En La Escuela Preparatoria

Esta guía presenta un panorama general de lo que aprenderá su hijo en matemática en la escuela preparatoria.

Parent Guides
Classmates in the Library

Parent Resources

Below are a number of resources for both students and parents.


Rockingham County High Schools College Advisor Newsletter

Homework Assistance Line (336) 623-3689

Rockingham County Schools’ Homework Assistance Line (“HAL”) is served by licensed teachers for students in grades

K-12.  Students or parents may call and have a teacher help them work out problems or explain assignments in core and advanced subject areas. 


Days / Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday  4:00 pm – 8:00 pm, beginning in September after Labor Day and ending one week before End-of-Grade Tests.


The Homework Assistance Line is closed every teacher workday, holiday, day before a holiday and when schools are closed or released early due to bad weather. 


Parent Resources
Festival Crowd

Parent & Booster Organizations

RCHS has boosters clubs for Athletics, Band, Chorus, JROTC, Fine Arts, and Drama.  Parents can become involved in clubs by contacting the appropriate parent or faculty member listed below.  If you have questions regarding an Athletic Boosters Club please contact Courtney Paschal at 634-3220 or


Boosters Clubs​
  • Baseball Boosters - President  

  • Football Boosters - President  

  • Band Boosters - 

  • Music Boosters - President  

  • JROTC Boosters - President  

  • Theatre Guild Boosters

  • Academic Boosters Club - President  


Math Homework

Tutoring Schedule

For those that need a little extra help, below is the tutoring schedule.



Be There

Be There is a multimedia campaign designed to inspire families to become more involved in their children's education.


The Idea Behind the Be There Campaign –

Constant inspirational reminders to Be There for children that will change behaviors and make connecting with children the new norm throughout our nation.


Be There Goals:

•  To improve student achievement through increased family involvement.

•  To align parent activities with state/district goals.

•  To support educators by making it easier for parents to become effective partners.

•  To show families that simple, easy connections with children make a huge difference.


For more information about Be There, visit their website at

Marble Surface


PBIS = Positive Behavioral Intervention Support

Below is an overview of our PBIS Program


Be There
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